AG Photography: Blog en-us (C) AG Photography (AG Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:21:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:21:00 GMT AG Photography: Blog 120 120 Japan You the moment when you think better go somewhere and go somewhere far. 
Well it happened. Went on what Danyon and I have decided was our celebratory happy 10 years of friendship trip to Japan.
It was a an incredibly busy and sweaty trip (it was real hot and humid). 

Day 1:

We were in Tokyo.  First stop was coffee.
Japan has great coffee if you can find the shops tucked  away in corners and what I think are alleys.
Then it was the Senso-Ji Temple. This was the first introduction to how hot it was going to be and accepting how much sweat
was going to be happening.
We got our first fortunes. It was a struggle to decide whether they
were good or bad but mine involved a large bird, waiting and a mealy fish so there's that. I think
something was lost in the translation.

After a bit of a cool down and nap we ventured back out and went to Shibuya.
We did the busy crossing which was super calm and weirdly organized for how many people are
criss-crossing. Then we walked to the tallest tori in Japan and Harajuku. 
There were a lot of people but we didn't really see much of the famous fashion there. Possibly because
it was SOOOOOOO very hot. (Just know the whole time we were there it was very hot)

Day 2:

For the morning we went to the fish market which was a delight. There were some delicious things all over.
There was also a huge ice block that you could touch to help not be so hot. I resisted hugging it. A stranger clearly
noticed my struggle to not hug it and put his ice hands on my arms and sympathetically nodded at me.
We had our first sushi in Japan and it was incredible. The fish basically melted in your mouth. 
 I would eat there always. Just always. 

That afternoon we went on our first Airbnb experience. It was a biking tour and soba cooking lessons. 
Our bike guide Tomo was so much fun and gave us a great tour all over. We stopped at temples
for ice cream, learned about the Kappa monster, and stopped by a traditional home. He showed
us how to do wishes at the temple and answered all the questions we had been wondering about.
The chef that taught us about soba also just great. I would highly recommend booking experiences like this.

Day 3:

Took our first of many bullet trains to Nagano then a little further out. 
Because I have tattoos, most osens in Japan will not let me use them, but we found, through another blog, an osen
that you can use with tattoos that is also a part of a ryokan.
The owner was so friendly and accommodating. This hotel was located near the snow monkey park outside of Nagano. 
There isn't a train there but the hotel owner drove us there and picked us up.
The osen I could use is private so there is a small fee use it. It was so worth it. It was outdoors and has a beautiful view.
The snow monkeys were quite a thing. Obviously there was a lack of snow but there was no lack of monkeys. 
They were everywhere and had no respect for the parks rule of three feet of distance between you and them. 
I reminded them of that but they were very busy being monkeys to care.

Day 4:

Next stop Kyoto. Dressed cute for day because we were heading to super photogenic places. Did not realize we were
going to be basically hiking the day away. 
First stop here was the bamboo forest. It was amazing seeing this much bamboo in one place. It was nothing
like anything I've seen before. 
Next we headed to the Fushimi Inari Shrine. This is possibly one of my favorite places we went. It is ENORMOUS. 
There are thousands of tori's and temples. We thought we would walk through all of them but we completely underestimated
how long of a hike that was going to be. Totally worth the sweat though. They were amazing.
That night for dinner we met up with a friend of Danyon's in Osaka. 

Day 5:

We had a tea ceremony scheduled and as part of this we also took the chance to wear kimonos.
There is so much to a kimono. Looks simple but no, many many layers are involved. We wore the yukata, which
are a lighter summer version of a kimono but still required many layers. It was really fun to walk through the
neighborhood in these. We had many photos of us taken. A couple of Japanese girl in kimonos took a selfie 
with us in ours. It was a nice moment. However I am a bit worried about how many stranger's photos I'm in
acting like a dinosaur/bird. Hope they enjoy my weird face and totally get that I was
a flying dinosaur.

That evening we went to Gion. This is were the geisha are. This was also a highlight.
It was so strange to see some very traditional things intersecting with tourist everywhere.
The streets were lined with people hoping to catch a glimpse of a geisha. 
We were among them. After some patient waiting and pacing, we saw a few quickly and quietly 
walking to and from appointments. 
They were beautiful.

Day 6:

Another train another day. We headed off to Hiroshima/Miyajima. This island was my favorite. 
It has the famous floating tori. We took a ferry out to the island and while we were on the way a sting ray jumped 
out of the water. It was clearly going to be the best place. We took the ropeway up Mt. Misen and then hiked down.
The view from the top was amazing and made me wish we had a week to just explore this area. 
After a very very steep hike down we sat on the beach and watched the sun set by the tori. 
It was magic.

Day 7 & 8:

Back to Tokyo we went. One day was a 6 hour train ride which was a welcome break from walking and heat. 
Once back in Tokyo we went on our second Airbnb experience. This time it was a night kayaking trip through the 
canals in Tokyo to the base of the Sky Tree Tower. Again the guide was fantastic. 
He had so much information to share and was so very kind. We chatted most of the way to the tower. 
It was a great way to see the tower as we paddled right up to the base.

The next day we had planned to go to Nikko National Park. However thunderstorms were in the forecast.
We stayed in Tokyo and went to the national museum.
It was lovely.
Them we headed to the train station and has some of the best ramen I have ever had. 
Then we headed to the teamLab Planet. They had a light art installation that was so very worth the trip. 
It was a great last day in Japan complete with a gorgeous sunset.

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Seattle If you want to be strong, learn to enjoy being alone. 


I'm pretty introverted so enjoying being alone has not really been an issue but
learning how to be alone in public has been harder. 
I used to wait until I could find someone that wanted to do 
the thing or I just wouldn't do it. Having someone with me
gave me more confidence to get out there.

It took practice and feeling weird to get to the point that I enjoyed aloneness out in public.
The first me date I took myself on was the first year I was in college away from home.
On Valentine's Day of all days I took myself to get a haircut (normal solo activity).
Then the big step I went out to eat (on Valentine's) alone and to a movie.
I'm not going to say that I super loved seeing all the couples out on dates while I
soloed it up but I will say I realized I could.
I didn't need to wait for other people to do what I wanted. I could just do it.

From there I've maybe gotten too into enjoying things alone. Sometimes I do the reverse and 
save things for a time when no one else can go with me.
It still can be really lonely and not always exactly what I want.
Sometimes I have to talk myself into it and remember turning 
into a hermit is not a legitimate option.
It has made me realize that even the relationship with yourself takes work
and time.

This spring I went to Seattle. Not alone entirely. The BFF was there but very busy.
I had lots of day to fill, but man after teaching 3rd grade and have no 
personal space or time at work, it was kind of the greatest thing to realize I had a whole lot of it.
It was a bit overwhelming to even decide what to do with it.
I brought the trusty safety nets of books and my camera to hide behind.
It was not perfect and sometimes I just really wanted the BFF to be free but it was what I needed in many ways.



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Jed & Paige I met Jed a bit ago through circumstances.
By that I mean myself and some others creeped on him until he became our friend.
I met Paige through normal circumstances.

In June they got married. 
It was lovely.
I have never in my life seen Jed smile so much.
Paige is a great human and all the fun.

Happy 1 month of marriage! 

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Justin & Brittany 4eva The bold wonderfully delightful couple braved a wedding in early March in Wyoming.
They picked a great location the BBCOW in Cody, WY.
But also seriously Brittany & Justin are quite possibly just the nicest people. 
Spending their wedding day with them was quite a privilege.
They most definitely never stopped smiling except maybe for some
happy tears during the lovely vows and sweet sweet toasts.

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Dam Love The day before it was snowing, cloudy and rainy. 
Thankfully it was a perfect day on on the day of the photo shoot.

We took the old road leading to the Buffalo Bill Dam. It was once used to get supplies to and from the construction of the dam.
Then it became the road up the North Fork. Now it is a spot for walkers, runners, and rock climbers.

The rocks, river and dam made for an ideal background for this pair.


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Austin Texas Part II

Went to Texas to get drink margaritas and get some sun.
Caught up on life with some sweet friends I met in Africa, drank many a margarita, ate delicious food.
The biggest lesson from the trip was the outdoors is where I need to be even if it's hot and sticky.
If you plan to go to Austin know it is big and spread out. There is a lot to do and a lot to explore.



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It's a girl! Baby girl Samuelson is on her way! The world will be greatly blessed by this new addition to one of my favorite families. Andrew and Hannah met me in Sheridan for a fall maternity shoot. Hannah picked the most perfect dress and Andrew posed like a champ as always. They are a beautiful couple and can't wait to meet and photograph their beautiful girl. 

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Fall and Family Fall is the perfect time to do family photos. The colors are perfect and so is the weather. Sweaters and golden light make it all the better. 

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Brandon & Taylor: The Wedding My goodness for smart wonderful people. Brandon and Taylor are both about to head out and do some great things. 
As a pair they will be unstoppable. 
Their future is bright and as Taylor showed as she cheered Brandon on through cutting the cake they have found their
person, cheerleader, and ideal partner.

From the multi-stop windy photo shoot to
meaningful ceremony to 
 the great Father-Daughter dance, toast that brought tear and laughter, bromance sing-along and Olive Garden catering 
their wedding day was a perfect and filled with all the joy and love.

It was incredible to photograph.


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Stephan Loves Acadia Let's end this fine Monday and celebrate Stephan and Acadia a little bit more. 

These kids are great! Delightful, wonderful, kind, thoughtful, and all those good things. They are beginning week #3 as a married couple, and I could not have been happier to photograph their day June 11, 2016.

 There were many sweet moments on this day. From the bride getting ready surrounded by love. Stephan rehearsing and singing his beautiful bride down the aisle. Songs sung by the groom's parents and sweet toasts. And to end it a very enthusiastic send off. 

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Stephan & Acadia Cody, WY is beautiful. The North Fork in the winter is such a win.
Stephan and Acadia were brave souls and ventured out into the tundra for their engagement shoot.
They could not have been easier to photograph. (Let's all take a moment and appreciate the beauty that is Acadia's hair)
Combine them with the backdrop and this equals a photographer's dream photo shoot. 
Their wedding will be awesome as they are awesome. 
Thanks for choosing me to be a part of your day! 

Seriously, just amazing couple. 


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Brandon & Kristin Sometimes you have the great privilege to photograph friends. Sometimes you get to do winter engagement pictures.
Sometimes you get to go to Red Lodge. Sometimes you get to do photos in a brewery.
On a rare occasion you get do all of those things at the same time. Those times are a true blessing. 

We took a day and hiked through the snow, met our delightful friend MJ along the way. Took a little trip to Sam'sTaproom.
Played some foosball. Was reminded once again I love my friends.

These two are amazing, adventurous and destined for a life of greatness together.

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Adventure There is something about nature that helps bring everything back into perspective. It is a reminder that we are not all there is and our lives are only a smaller part of a larger whole. Sometimes or nearly always I wish that I could just stay there forever out of service with the beast and my best friend. 

Refocusing on what is important, jumping in cold mountain water, getting dirt and mud everywhere.

So darling let's be adventurers.

Wander and lose track of time.

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Brandon & Taylor My favorite thing about doing an engagement shoot is getting to know a couple before the craziness of the wedding sets in. This part is the fun part. The beginning of planning their exciting future. (Or as Brandon stated budgets? Oi!)

Brandon and Taylor are an exceptional couple. Both are incredibly smart and about to take on the world with all kinds of wonderful. They also brought a little different flavor to my typical photo shoot. Mostly I do outdoors, woods, trees and nature (all of which I love) This however was an opportunity to explore some new locations. I had a great time looking for new locations and exploring some new options. 

Thanks Brandon and Taylor for being so delightful and exploring the new locations with me.

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Chase and Darby Get Married A couple weekends go myself and the bestie/champion assistant traveled into a valley we had always wanted to visit to photograph the wedding the now 

Mr. and Mrs. Chase Nelson.

It was a gorgeous landscape covered in clouds and rain.

There were time it was cold and my camera focused on the rain rather than the people but it was a day full of celebrating a great pair.

The wedding was all Wyoming and fantastic.

There was sun, rain, cold, mountains, dirt roads, a rainbow, and lots of love.

Congratulations to Chase and Darby! You are a great couple.

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Sarah the Great I met this girl a couple years ago and well she is an awesome person. She knows about cars and hunts. Has some great manicuring skills. Also does not dig math, and we have spent many hours trying to work our way though her math homework. I feel so privileged to be her senior photographer. 


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Brandon AKA Abercrombie model There are some people out there who are so just so natural to photograph. Brandon is in fact one of those people. Great senior all around. It was a great start to Billings photo shoots. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Samuelson Hannadrew Day occurred August 15, 2014. 

It was a big deal. There were many a photograph taken. 

After a Bachelorette Brunch and some getting ready time, Hannah, Sandra (my awesome assistant for the day) and I headed out to Natural Bridge to begin the photographic adventure. Thanks to Sandra we were not entirely taken by surprise when Andrew arrived, which led to jogging the bride out of sight and hiding her behind the bathroom. The groom casually asked multiple times where Hannah was and attempted to try to follow the rule of not looking in the direction of the hidden bride. Both were like kids waiting for Christmas waiting to see each other. And once they came together they were either smiling like crazy at each other or kissing. It is so wonderful to see two people that much in love. 

Andrew and Hannah are a whole lot of awesome. To start with they met at a Bible Study and got to know each other while teaching Sunday School. I know! So sweet! Shortly after they started dating I had Hannah cut my hair (mostly so I could get some information about her man). The girl could not stop smiling about it, so needless to say I was quite thrilled when I got the text asking to do an engagement shoot.

This couple is a joy to be around and a breeze to photograph. They were a couple a troopers for the multi-location engagement shoot, and there was no doubt they were meant to be together. Hannah identified some facts about some truck that drove by based on sound and Andrew described what an A line hair cut was. Now that is love; taking that serious of interest in your other half's interests. They are so kind to one another and are an obvious complement to the other.

The world will be so blessed by Team Samuelson.



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Senior Season I had the joy of photographing two of my favorite seniors. For both shoots we ventured up the North Fork for some bridge and dirt road photos. Can't believe they are so close to graduating. They are some fantastic kids and will be doing great things with their lives. 

Prashanta Chettri 003Prashanta Chettri 003

Verola Studio-119Verola Studio-119

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The Dickerson Meet Terra and Shane the engagement version. 

Fast forward a touch and meet the new Terra and Shane the now newly married couple.


Meet Terra, Shane and their new addition Cayden.  

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AG Photography In my life I have done a strange and varied list of jobs and titles to go with them. My favorite by far is photographer. It is the one that I most identify with, and the way that I experience the most life. It has opened the door to explore life and observe the world around me from many angles. It is one of the greatest blessings of my life to be able to capture the memories and create art from every event in your life. I am so thankful to all those who have chosen me to photograph their special events and their family. 


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